August 2020

Yerevan Simbols

Are we Yerevan?

When one hears the name “Paris”, the iconic image of the Eiffel Tower often springs to mind. While the city has a rich heritage and a wealth of cultural and historical layers, it was the giant steel structure temporarily built for the 1889 World Exhibition that became the symbol of Paris.  Many tourist destinations have […]

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Tumo Phenomenon

The Tumo Phenomenon

73% of Yerevan residents regularly visit parks, but few people recognize the importance of green zones for the city. Parks are not only places for exercise and relaxation, but also for meetings. For the city, it is equally important that its residents maintain good health and strong social ties with fellow community members. As a

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Fears Yerevan

The Fears of Yerevan Residents

Safety is one of the crucial indicators defining the quality of life. A city may possess green recreational spaces, a well-established public transportation system, lucrative employment opportunities, and a vibrant cultural scene. However, the residents will not be happy if their lives, health, and property remain at risk. What does safety mean from the perspective

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