Public Opinion Survey: An Insightful Look into the Thoughts of Armenian Residents in July 2022

In a recent initiative funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, Breavis conducted a public opinion survey on behalf of the International Republican Institute’s Center for Insights in Survey Research. This insightful survey was carried out between July 15 and July 27, 2022, with the goal of understanding the perspectives of residents of Armenia. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results, a methodology involving random digit dialing (RDD) for the probability sampling of mobile phone numbers was employed for phone interviews​.

Key Findings:

The public opinion survey offers a deep understanding of the residents of Armenia’s viewpoints. While the survey covers a broad range of topics, some critical areas highlighted include:

Political landscape: By probing into the political preferences of Armenian residents, the survey offers a snapshot of the public’s level of support for various political parties and their leaders. This data can be crucial for understanding the overall satisfaction with the government’s performance and its impact on the residents’ daily lives.

Socio-economic issues: The survey takes a close look at socio-economic issues such as unemployment, inflation, and income disparity. These topics are of utmost concern to the residents of Armenia and can greatly impact their quality of life and future prospects.

Security and foreign relations: Residents’ opinions on Armenia’s relations with neighboring nations and their views on security concerns and potential threats are also explored in the survey.

Social issues: The survey delves into social issues such as healthcare, education, and social welfare, which are of significant importance to Armenian residents. The data gathered in these areas can inform policies and programs aimed at improving the well-being of the population.

The comprehensive public opinion survey conducted by Breavis provides valuable insights into the thoughts, concerns, and priorities of the residents of Armenia. By understanding these perspectives, policymakers and stakeholders can devise strategies to meet the needs of the population effectively. To delve deeper into the full findings of the survey, please visit the IRI’s official website here.