Energy Efficiency in Apartment Buildings: An Insightful Study in Armenia

In our relentless pursuit of a sustainable future, understanding the potential for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings is crucial. Breavis, in the context of the UNDP-GCF project, embarked on an extensive survey from January to March 2023 to explore measures to enhance the energy efficiency of apartment buildings in Armenia and to ensure their sustainability. The survey employed a multi-faceted approach, utilizing face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, and focus group discussions to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. The comprehensive findings from this survey are accessible here.

Key Findings:

This exploration into energy efficiency brings forth some compelling findings, which are key to shaping future policy and development in this domain.

  • The survey showed a high level of satisfaction among beneficiaries of thermally insulated buildings, with 91% of respondents expressing complete or relative satisfaction with the project.
  • A significant 57% of beneficiaries noted a decrease in their household natural gas and electricity expenses due to energy efficiency measures, with pensioners and households receiving family benefits comprising 55% of this group.
  • Post-intervention, both summer and winter months witnessed an average decrease in natural gas and electricity expenses, with a particularly noteworthy 23% average reduction in natural gas expenses during winter.
  • Interestingly, 51% of households not utilizing the project anticipate up to a 50% reduction in natural gas and electricity expenses should energy efficiency measures be implemented.
  • A whopping 96% of non-user households expressed a desire for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in their buildings.


Energy efficiency and sustainability in residential buildings are critical for reducing carbon emissions and achieving environmental sustainability. The comprehensive survey conducted by Breavis for the UNDP-GCF project provides a well-rounded analysis of the current scenario and the future prospects for energy efficiency in Armenian apartment buildings. Policymakers, stakeholders, and individuals can access the full report here to understand and utilize these findings to contribute to a sustainable future.