Which social media platforms are popular among Yerevan users?

This time, the Brevis research team targeted the users of social networks and revealed which platforms Yerevan residents prefer.

Accordingly, Facebook has an absolute advantage among Yerevan residents. In 2019 64.4% of the respondents stated that they are registered on Facebook. In the last two years, this number has increased by 2․3%. For comparison, in the United States, the number of Facebook users is declining (2017: 79%, 2019: 62%; source: Edison Research, The Social Habit 2019), especially after 2019 scandals related to selling users’ personal data, as well as periodic technical issues.

Interestingly, the number of subscribers on Facebook has increased in 2019 as compared to 2017, it has grown particularly in the age group of 31 and older, while among the 16-30 year olds it has declined slightly, from 91.1% to 90.3%.

Frequency of using Facebook has also been studied. According to the data of 2019, 78.6% of users visit Facebook daily, 13.4% visit several times a week, 3.3% visit several times a month, 1.4% visit less frequently, and 3.3%, despite being registered, do not use Facebook at all.

Like most of the world’s population, residents of Yerevan are gradually switching to visual communication platforms. The leading visual social media site – Instagram, has an expansive growth and in 2019 escalated by 5․6% in comparison with 2017. In this matter, we have even surpassed the United States, where in 2017-2019 the growth was only 2%.

Twitter continues to maintain a stable and unambitious position. In the past six years, the most significant increase was observed in 2015, when the number of users has become 7.4%. increasing by 1․3% relative to previous year. And in 2019 Twitter users made up 5․8% of respondents, the same as in 2017.

LinkedIn, which positions itself as a professional social network, has seen a decline in users in Yerevan. In 2019 only 4․8% of respondents said they were LinkedIn users, which is 1% less than in 2017. In the US, there is a downward trend for LinkedIn users.

Russian social platforms are gradually losing their positions among Yerevan residents. Thus, the number of users of Odnoklassniki social network has declined by 2–8% in relation to 2017, it is the lowest level in 20 years – 20.8%. As compared to 2017 the number of users of VKontakte social network decreased by 1.5%.