What professions is the new generation about to choose?

As a part of Career Development by Breavis project we had done a research to reveal what percentage of Armenians would like to get a new profession; who want a career change more – women or men; and what are the preferred professions/jobs.

Recently, a similar survey was conducted only in Yerevan to find out whether the trends in the capital differ from those across Armenia.

Here are the results: 49.4% of the respondents in Yerevan wish to take up a new job. The results of the survey conducted previously across Armenia were nearly the same – 49.1%. But the ratio of men and women who want to get a new job varies: while at the national level women prevail (53.3%) among the people interested in changing their profession, in Yerevan the results are vice versa,  men are the majority (55.2%).

The job preferences vary to a certain extent. In Yerevan programming and medical science are the most popular among men, whereas nation-wide law and economics are the leaders. Women in Yerevan as a new profession prefer medical science and programming. The third in line is hairdresser, makeup artist or nail technician. In the scale of Armenia, doctor is the most popular profession among women, but second and third are those of pedagogue and linguist.

What professions is the new generation about to choose? Breavis researchers have targeted this question also, and in July conducted a survey among parents with children aged 14-22 years.

Surveys have shown that there is no significant difference in the preferences of  professions. 14-18 year-olds also prefer programming, linguistics, and medicine. However, it is interesting to note that the number of youngsters choosing the profession of lawyer and accountant is less than that of athlete and musician. Most parents mentioned programmer, as well as economist and doctor, as a preferable occupation for their kids.