Native Yerevantsi* or Resident of Yerevan?

In the course of time our capital, along with expansion and transformation from the capital of a Soviet Socialist Republic to the modern capital of an independent republic, has acquired features of a megalopolis and its population has grown sharply due to the fact that residents from other parts of Armenia as well as other countries resettled in Yerevan. According to the official data of 2018 currently, 1.077.590 people live in Yerevan.

We tried to find out what percentage of the residents of capital was born in Yerevan and how the figures varied from 2014 to 2019.

So, in 2014 those born in the capital comprised 72.2% of the total population of Yerevan and in 2017 it became 73%. In 2019 the number of residents born in Yerevan decreased slightly comprising 68.9%.

Our survey also showed what percentage of Yerevan’s population born in other cities and villages of the Republic of Armenia as well as other countries consider themselves native Yerevantsi. 48.1% of those not born in Yerevan consider themselves Yerevantsi, while 34.3% identify themselves with their birthplace. 13.7% consider themselves both Yerevantsi and a representative of their birthplace. It is worth noting, that 3.8% of native Yerevatntsi do not associate themselves either with Yerevan or their birthplace.

*Yerevantsi – a native inhabitant of Yerevan, the capital of

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