10% of the Society Considers Men Adultery Acceptable

One of our surveys, conducted in June of 2019, partly covered the Armenian value system, including the attitude of people toward extramarital infidelity in Armenia. Our specialists had designed a questionnaire, that left almost no room for the possible fake answers.

We start series of publications about our society’s attitude toward extramarital affairs by conveying the picture based on the marital status of those surveyed.

Thus, about 10% of the society considers men adultery acceptable (the distribution based on marital status is presented in the infographic). The same indicator is more critically viewed and less tolerated in the case of adultery committed by women, with only 2% of the society holding the view that such behavior of women is acceptable.

The survey has been conducted among 1602 people across Armenia. Reliability is 95%, boundary error is Δ=±2.45% and sincerity is 85.6%.