Armenian Women are More Flexible in Addressing the Market Needs

According to the recent data by UNDP Human Development Index, the level of literacy in Armenia is significantly high (99.7%). Moreover, the 97.2% of the adult population has at least a secondary education, while men and women with secondary education are almost equal to 97.6% and 96.9%, respectively.

In this context, the recent survey by Breavis shows rather interesting image: half of the adult population wishes to pursue a new level of education with a view to acquire a new profession. This being said, women are already a step forward than men. Thus, 53.3% of women and 43.9% of men wish to continue studying in order to have a new specialty.

If women wish to acquire a new degree mostly in medical science (9.0%), pedagogy (6.1%), and languages (5.4%), whereas men prefer law (5.1%), economics (4.6%) and IT disciplines (3.2%).