The Population of Yerevan Prefers Buses to Minibuses

A recent survey carried out by Breavis has found out which are the most and the least used means of transport in Yerevan.

Compared to other cities around the world, the number of people taking taxi is considerably large in Yerevan, which is probably due to affordable prices. According to the surveys, 38% of Yerevan residents take a taxi daily or several times a week, while 43.8% of the capital’s population is traveling by his or family-owned car.

Though most minibuses do not comply to safety standards, 45.6% of Yerevan residents still take minibuses (by the way, 61.2% of our survey respondents said that they do not feel safe when traveling by minibus). The number of people travelling by electric vehicles is much less (13.8% for metro and 8.5% for trolleybus).

The most popular means of transport in the capital is the bus, the number of people taking buses has increased in recent years at the expense of minibuses. 50.8% of people in Yerevan travel by bus on daily basis or several times a week.

Although some actions have been taken to develop a culture of cycling in our city, this means of transport is not popular yet. Only 0.7% of the residents of Yerevan ride a bike. The number of people riding mopeds and motorcyclists is even lower – 0.2%.