Civil Registration of Marriages Predominates in Armenia

This is evidenced by the surveys Breavis conducted in June 2019.
Accordingly, 73.3% of the adult population of Armenia is currently married: 43.8% out of which have their marriages registered only in the Civil Status Registration Office, while 3% have got married only in a religious ceremony. 20.6% have been married both in a religious and civil ceremony. Interestingly, 5.9% did not register the marriage at all (common-law marriage).

Among the population, aged 60 years and older civil marriages prevail (61.1%), and religious marriages are relatively common among the people aged between 18-30. The age group 31-45 is in the first place in both religious and civil marriages (34.3%).

Noteworthy is the fact that civil marriage registrations are more observed in rural communities (51.4%), while the difference in the number of religious marriage registered in urban and rural communities is negligible.