Women in rural Armenia assess their chances of success in business and science higher

March 8 is celebrated in many countries around the world as International Women’s Day, which grew out of the women’s struggle for gender equality almost 2 centuries ago.

Women have long been able to not only achieve this goal (at least in many countries around the world) but also to prove that their competencies are not inferior to that of men and may even surpass.

How do Armenian women rate the probability of their success in different fields?

Breavis has surveyed to answer this question.

So, 58.4% of female respondents consider that it is possible or more likely for them to succeed in business, and 58.1% think they have more opportunities in science.

The number of those who think they can succeed in any state position is less – only 45%.

Surprisingly, rural women assess their chances of succeeding in business and science higher than women in Yerevan and other cities. 64.4% of rural women, 52.7% of Yerevan women and 59.1% of women living in other cities consider it possible or more likely to succeed in business. Women in Yerevan and other cities rated their chances of success in science almost the same, 55.7% and 55.3% respectively. 63.4% of women in rural areas think it is possible to succeed in science.

Another remarkable fact: according to the women residing in the capital (37.6% in total) the probability of succeeding in a state position is the lowest, whereas the 51% and 48% of women residing in other cities and villages respectively gave a positive answer to this question.

In terms of the age groups, the analysis revealed that women aged 30-45 (64.9%) rate their chances to succeed in business the highest, while women between 18-29 (respectively 50% and 64.2%) in state positions and the field of science.