Public Sentiment on Women’s Issues in Armenia: Fresh Insights

In an effort to gauge public sentiment on important women’s issues, including political participation and domestic violence, a significant survey was conducted by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research in collaboration with Breavis.

The survey was conducted between August 29 and September 09, 2020, employing phone interviews with respondents selected through Random Digit Dialing (RDD) probability sampling of mobile phone numbers. The sample, comprising 1,511 permanent residents of Armenia aged 18 and older, represents the population with access to a mobile phone, thereby excluding approximately 1.2% of adults. This valuable study offers pertinent insights to government officials, political parties, and Armenian citizens, enabling them to effectively address the public’s concerns regarding these issues.

Context and Importance

Armenia has been on a transformative journey, with women’s rights and representation being a central focus. Acquiring an accurate understanding of public sentiment towards women’s political participation and domestic violence is of utmost importance. This knowledge not only informs policy and instigates reform but also stimulates constructive dialogue to challenge and potentially alter existing norms.

Key Findings & Implications

The detailed results of this survey are designed to serve as a roadmap for relevant parties to implement necessary changes and strategies, catering to the public’s concerns and aspirations about women’s roles in Armenian society.

A more in-depth view of the data and methodology can be found on the IRI’s official website: Public Opinion Survey on Women’s Issues: Residents of Armenia.

Stay tuned as we continue to delve into this survey’s analysis, unpacking key insights and potential implications for policy, society, and change in Armenia.

Moving Forward

These survey results signal the changing landscape of women’s issues in Armenia, providing a strategic advantage for those looking to enact meaningful reforms in the country. As public opinion continues to evolve, surveys such as this one conducted by IRI and Breavis remain vital to tracking trends and guiding informed decision-making.

Women’s issues, in Armenia and globally, extend from personal to political. Their resolution is integral to societal and national progress. As such, understanding public sentiment towards these issues is not just important—it is critical for inclusive, sustainable development.

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