The Already Non-Existing Youth Palace is One of the Most Beloved Symbols of Yerevan

En Old Symbols Yerevan

Breavis survey tried to find out which is the symbol of the capital according to the residents of Yerevan.

18.9% of the capital residents consider that the main symbol of present-day Yerevan is the Opera House- the business card of the city, followed by Cascade (12.2%), Republic Square (11.4%) and Matenadaran (7.1%). The newly built park dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan is also among the symbols of the city (7.2%) being the most favorite park of Yerevan residents, as mentioned in one of the previous articles of these series.

En Symbols Yerevan

Respondents were also asked to name the symbols of the Soviet era Yerevan. The Youth Palace is still preserved in the memories of the residents, as 24.6% of the respondents consider it to be the symbol of Soviet Yerevan. Republic Square takes the second place (10%) followed by the Opera House with its surrounding – 9,5%. The Sports and Concert Complex (6.6%) and the Mother Armenia Monument (4%) are at the end of Soviet symbols’ top five. Additionally, 2.5% of the respondents named the Lenin statue as the symbol of Soviet era Yerevan.

Among the symbols of Yerevan not only tangible values such as buildings (25.7%), sites (17.7%) and statues (12.6%), but also intangible ones, such as antiquity (1.4%), hospitality (1.2%), kindness and love (0.8%), holidays and festivals (0.1%) were identified.