“I Know that I Know Nothing…”

One of our previous releases read that over the half of Armenians would like to get new education. At the same time, the results of the age groups vary not only by their readiness index to acquire a new profession, but also by preference. 

Thus, the higher the age group, the less the willingness to acquire a new profession. Specifically, if 25% of the Armenians do not want to get a new profession between the age of 18-30, the same indicator in the age group of 31-45 reaches up to 39.1%, growing up to 65% of people between the age of 46-60, as well as 75.1% among the people over the age of 61.  

The new professions preferred by the age groups also vary by their surprising diversity. Thus, the so-called “trendy” professions are on the first place among the preferred ones by people between the age of 18-30, i.e. Economics (including Finance, Accounting) – 7.1%, Medical professions 5.7%, Linguistics/ Philology – 5.2%.  Interestingly, the number of people seeking IT as their second profession is relatively small – 4.3%.

Medical professions among people between 31-45 are on the first place (9.3%). This is followed by Economics (7.7%) and Law (5.9%).   

In the same manner, “trendy” professions are preferred among the higher age groups. Thus, between the age of 46-60, the first three professions are Linguistics/ Philology (4.4%), Medical professions (4.4%) and Law (3.3%), whereas those professions are replaced among people over the age of 61, i.e. Linguistics/ Philology (3.6%), Law (3.3%), Medical professions (2.8%).  

Noteworthy is that the number of people who want to “master” the IT sphere is higher among the age groups of 18-30 and over 61 (in the 4th place). Let us also mention that the Physics and Maths professions (disciplines) that were at quite a respectful level increasingly gave way and are even set aside from the top ten.