The ability to work as a team is an indicator of professional success. Shared principles unite us, the employees of Breavis Company.


1. BE COOL Even the ordinary things can be done with unusual pleasure.

2. BE PROACTIVE You are the master of each moment, be brave!

3. TAKE CHALLENGES This is the precondition for professional development and self-realization.

4. HELP YOURSELF AND OTHERS TO GROW Your ultimate success is determined by the success of others.

5. KEEP PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Because you are a professional.

The teams that share common values achieve the greatest results.



Working with data means being accurate not only with the data but also regarding any idea or approach. Only precise assessments and analysis are at the core of our consulting.


The base of development are the new approaches and ideas. The company encourages the initiative and new ideas of the employees, as well as, the use of new tools and methodologies. To be an employee at Breavis means to be a part of a constant development processes.


Professionalism is highlighted in details. We believe that in work the details matter, this one should be equally attentive with both big ideas and small details.