Nowadays, many companies succeed not only because they offer qualified products and services, but also due to providing an adequate public service. At present, aimed at checking the quality of service provided, the “Mystery Shopping” method is widely used, specifically in the field of market research.     

We conduct surveys with “Mystery Shopping” (MS) in business, healthcare, banking, and in other areas comprising hoteling and public service components. This method helps us evaluate the below-listed components of both the client and their competitors:

  • quality of service provided,
  • quality of staff service,
  • employee’s efficiency,
  • basic working conditions.

With more than 12 years of extensive professional experience we have successfully carried out more than 300 projects in the fields of public administration, socio-economic, finance and banking, telecommunications, education and public health. The research and consulting programs supporting the growth of medium-sized businesses form a bulky chapter describing the company’s activities. Moreover, today over 25% of the company’s projects are related to public administration system.

“Breavis” is a member of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) and the EU Association of Communication’s Directors. With a view to implement joint research projects “Breavis” collaborates with world-famous companies such as “Kantar” TNS Brussels, “New Research” New York City, “GORBI” Georgia, and with “VCIOM” (Russia Public Opinion Research Center).