Social responsibility is one of the most essential values of Breavis and an integral part of its everyday work.  Breavis is responsible not only for its own business, but also for the development of the sphere and for the society.

Breavis has definite and regular approaches to its own corporate social responsibility and it has implemented a number of programs and events supporting its own specialized community and the implementation of their ideas during 9 years of its activity.

Breavis Annual Award

Since 2009 Breavis organizes a unique award ceremony, which is a specific assessment of the leaders of the sphere “For the significant contribution in the field of sociology in Armenia”. Every year the award is given to an Armenian or foreign  prominent  scientist, who spared no efforts, time and knowledge for the development of sociology.

Many prominent figures were among the awardees, such as professor M.R. Lepsius, Doctor Thomas Luckmann, Professor Lyudmila Harutyunyan, Doctor Maria Zaslavskaya, Doctor Arthur Mkrtichyan and Doctor, Professor Tilman Allert.

Breavis Scholarships

From 2009, Breavis grants annual scholarships to students, who carry out individual research in the field of sociology. This is the first and only scholarship in Armenia granted in the field of sociology. For the winning research project, the student receives 50.000 AMD for 6 months, totally 300,000 AMD.

Breavis closely cooperates with YSU Faculty of Sociology supporting the conference organized annually by Student Scientific Society of YSU Faculty of Sociology. In the frames of the conference, three best research works of the students are awarded a special prize and a reward by Breavis.

Development of the Sphere

Breavis regularly organizes public lectures on the last developments in the spheres of research and communication. Series of lectures by professor of sociology and social psychology of Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) doctor Tilman Allert, as well as the discussion of the representatives of the Pázmány Péter University of Hungary on the development of the institute of public opinion in Armenia invited by Breavis were among the last lectures.

Breavis also organizes training courses for the students of RA universities. The courses include intensive exchange of work experience, master classes by the company specialists and sponsorship of the graduate projects carried out by the students.

Support and Sponsorship

Breavis regularly supports implementation of the ideas and events, which are directly and indirectly related to its sphere.

Breavis supported the second international forum organized by European Youth Parliament in Armenia, which hosted more than 250 young people from 50 countries in order to discuss the question of the participation of youth in the development of democracy.

Breavis supported two conferences on public relations and on the development of communication: PR Summit organized by Deem Communications and the conference “Public Communication: Current Challenges and Development Prospects” organized by Yerevan State University (YSU) and Yerevan State Linguistic University (YSLU).

Breavis supported a number of NGO's for the implementation of various social initiatives. Among them are the initiative “Barekamavan Development Program” of the community “Border. Development Programs”, AYO foundation’s “Protective Walls” project of Aygepar, cooperation with  “Ekho” disabled children and youth support NGO aimed at solving the problems of children with movement disorders and the fund-raising for the wheelchairs of Jilavyan brothers organized by “Bridge of Hope” NGO.

Being a supporter of the spread of cultural values, from 2008 Breavis sponsored  a number of cultural events, including  “20th Century and Contemporary Music Concert” (October 18, 2008), “… and the country will endure again” (March 9, 2009), “20th Century and Contemporary Piano Music Concert Series” (April 30, 2010), “20th Century and Contemporary Armenian-Polish  Music Concert” (November 25, 2011), “20th Century Musical Evening ” (June 11, 2012), “The 6thConcert Series of  World Piano Music” (November 17, 2012).

We believe that initiating and supporting the projects for the improvement of our sphere, we contribute to the development of public opinion poll and the experience of the market research in Armenia.